Judge Minty, the Judge Dredd fan film.

Judge Minty Edmund Dehn
Judge Dredd Greg Staples
Director Steven Sterlacchini
Director of Photography and Digital Imagery Stephen Green
Prop and Costume Creator Daniel Carey-George of Custom Creations
Storyboards & Concepts Barry Renshaw
Written By Steven Sterlacchini & Michael Carroll, based on the work of John Wagner

Tuesday 18 August 2009

At last a proper announcement

- Filming on Monday December 14th at a Sheffield Location

- Required, 6 Mega City One Criminals (The Kovaks Mob)
- Please provide a simple picture of yourself for reference and rough measurements (to tailor the costumes)
- Please let us know any relevant experience (amateur dramatic, futuristic criminality)
- We would like to keep your details on file as other parts will become available later
- Plus there will be a chroma key studio session in London, scheduled in 'pencil' for January Saturday 16th.

- Make-up
- Wardrobe
- Grips and other location personnel
- Crew will not need to commit to the London studio shoot

Please send your details to: steves@thespiritof.co.uk

Hopefully we will not have to reschedule, but if we do, we will understand if you can't re-commit.

I am also delighted to announce that main role of Judge Minty has been cast. Edmund Dehn has generously offered to help us out (real proper paid work permitting). It will require us working around his schedule, but it's worth it, as he's perfect for the part.

Tuesday 11 August 2009

A minor update

At last we have penciling some dates in the diary for filming. Nothing confirmed yet, but at least a loose deadline to aim at. Hopefully we'll be able to put out some requests for help within a couple of weeks.

I don't like posting without a nice picture of something, so I thought I'd upload this quick comp using a test shot with a CGI Lawmaster, created simply to double check proportions.